About Greg

Dr. Greg Schildwachter [shild-wok-ter] is a professional conservationist advising clients on policy, leadership and strategy, and philanthropy in conservation.

He is experienced in issues of local, statewide, and federal scale and familiar with many communities and habitats in the U.S. – he began his career as a wildlife biologist.

In a 30-year career, Greg began from a focus on wildlife and forests that has expanded into many topic areas, including water, wetlands, grasslands, and ocean life.  His recent work involves bighorn sheep, wolves, several endangered species, invasive species, conservation economics, community conservation, sharks, hunting heritage, and conservation leadership.

Before beginning the Watershed Results practice, Greg worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality advising President George W. Bush on public lands, wildlife, and agriculture issues.  Previously, Greg served Senator Mike Crapo [cray-po] of Idaho as Special Assistant and Staff Director for the Senate Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water.  Before that, he was Policy Advisor in Idaho Governor Kempthorne’s Office of Species Conservation.  He also managed the Wildlife Program of the Intermountain Forest Association in Montana and Idaho.

In his career as a biologist, Greg earned a PhD in the Boone and Crockett research program at the University of Montana, completed a fellowship at the Property and Environment Research Center in Bozeman, Montana; and, worked at the Ocelot Recovery Program at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute in Kingsville, Texas, among many other field assignments.

Greg Schildwachter, PhD
(202) 657-4330

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