Sportsmen Conservation 

Hunting has driven the conservation movement for more than 100 years.  In the days before conservation laws, hunters saw the tragedy of public ownership of wildlife leading to its elimination.

Hunters established laws and applied scientific management to stop and reverse the decline. They also committed to an ethical code called Fair Chase that self-imposed the necessary restraint and respect in personal behavior that no law could ever instill or enforce.

The successors of the hunters who founded the conservation movement are still engaged in the same law and science.  With deer, elk, ducks, turkeys, bears, and other species restored, these organizations are now completing the job for sheep and expanding efforts to non-hunted wildlife.  There is now an organization for the stewardship of nearly every game species and habitat and many non-game species.  Together in the American Wildlife Conservation Partnership, many of these groups advocate for the laws, budgets, and programs that steer the modern conservation movement through today’s challenges.  The effort is powered by funds from hunting and fishing license fees, self-imposed taxes on equipment and supplies, and the cost of trips.  Sportsmen dollars circulate to professional agencies, local communities, and landowners that care for and support wildlife populations.

Watershed Results proudly serves and supports B&C, AWCP organizations, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation in keeping and advancing the legacy of wildlife conservation policy in hearts of people and the policies of Washington and the state capitols.