Advocacy & Consulting

Ambitious conservation for
business, passion, or both.

Advocacy & Consulting

Ambitious conservation for business, passion, or both.

Ambitious conservation for business, passion, or both.

Watershed Results solves problems and captures opportunities

… between business and nature

… and to advance stewardship missions.

What We Do


Every business and passion stalls in the traffic of problems and jumps at opportunities. We help you solve the problems, realize the opportunites, and run.


  • Lobbying to change or create new policy.  Meeting, engaging, and negotiating with decision-makers in agencies and committees takes dedicated time and effort.
  • Project management.  Activating people and resources toward a goal is as much work as moving an issue through government.
  • Philanthropy and Investment. Conservation today offers many options. We connect you with effective partners for you and your passion.


To have your say, someone must be listening. The message, the platform, and the volume all must be right – because communication is not just a message sent, but one that is also received.

  • Earned media.  We engage with publishers, editors, and reporters to deliver your voice in print, broadcast, and digital media.
  • Negotiation.  When values are on the line, collaboration and compromise sound like surrender. We find positions that secure your interests in hard-won agreements.


People drive every goal and objective. The people you need both inside and outside your team need the responsibilities and commitments that are right for results.

  • Staff and volunteers. We help build and align skills and capacity.
  • Alliances. We help you meet and engage allies in your cause.
  • Roundtables.  We organize and facilitate clear paths forward from new ideas and common interests.

Experience, Expertise, and Commitments

How We Do It


Personal attention to clearly defined tasks, steadily pursued, that engage you with the right people, apply your ideas and leverage, and

repeat until done.

The Team

Greg Schildwachter, PhD  Conservation is my calling. It has been my fun since childhood, my discipline as a student, and my practice as a professional. I have worked in the private and public sectors on a broad set of conservation issues.  My experience includes technical, managerial, and political assignments – including work for a governor, a senator, and a president.  At Watershed Results my mission is to deliver breakthrough results for problems and opportunities with wildlife, fish, land, and water conservation.  Ambitious clients in business, charity, or personal efforts are welcome.  Full bio here.

Tell us what you’re up to – or up against – and we’ll help you over the top.  The first move you make is always a big step forward.  After that, it’s just a few strides to get up and running.

William Kelleher manages issues and external relations for Watershed Results.  He previously served as Deputy Projects Director for United States Senator John Kennedy (LA-R) where he focused on appropriations, energy, environment, and transportation issue for his home state of Louisiana.

William’s experience includes campaigns and the diverse fields of real estate development, oil field services, industrial recycling, and outdoor education.  He has also worked Riverkeepers and other non-profits.

An outdoor enthusiast, William enjoys fishing and whitewater kayaking. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia.  He is currently pursuing a law degree at American University Washington College of Law.

Charlie Booher  joins Watershed Results as a Summer Associate focusing on natural resource conflict resolution. He gathers diverse interests, identifies main points, and supports the discovery of ways forward.  His work on behalf of clients informs his research on improving conservation policy for the 21st century.

Charlie previously served in communications and government relations roles for The Wildlife Society, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and Michigan United Conservation Clubs.  He worked in the Executive Office of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department on translating research findings into better governance.

Charlie holds degrees in Fisheries & Wildlife Conservation (B.S.) and Public Policy (B.A.) from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Wildlife Biology, a Master of Public Administration, and a Certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution at the University of Montana. Charlie is an Associate Wildlife Biologist ©. Outside of the office, you can find him hiking in the mountains of Western Montana and re-learning how to hunt and fish in the Northern Rockies.

Trusted affiliates who work as hard as we do, available for added capacity.

wa-ter-shed (wo’tər-shĕd’)

1. The gathering ground of a river, stream, or lake.

2. A moment or event marking a significant change.


1. The gathering ground of a river, stream, or lake.

2. A moment or event marking a significant change.

Tell us what you're up to - or up against - and we'll help you over the top!

The first move you make is always a big step forward.
After that, it’s just a few strides to get up and running.

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